What's on this week


Sunday 16th February

10.30am Morning worship

Come as you are, all welcome!


Monday 17th February

Meeting Point resumes on 24th Feb

Boys Group  resumes on 24th Feb


Tuesday 18th February


Wednesday 19th February

11am Sanctuary 


 Thursday 20th February

Badgers Toddler Group resumes on 27th Feb


Friday 21st February


Saturday 22nd February


Sunday 23rd February

10.30am Morning worship

Lindsay Caplen (Webnet Regional Minister) is speaking today

Come as you are, all welcome!


Monday 24th February

2pm Meeting Point: a musical afternoon with "Reflections"

7pm Boys Group 


Tuesday 25th February


Wednesday 26th February

11am Sanctuary 


 Thursday 27th February

10am Badgers Toddler Group

2pm Art and Craft Group


Friday 28th February

  6.30pm Youth Zone


Saturday 29th February

9.30am Eat for Albania

come for Breakfast in return for a donation towards our Albania fundraiser


Sunday 1st March

10.30am Morning worship

Come as you are, all welcome!

 6pm Prayer Meeting


 Several home groups meet during the week at different times and on different days. If you are interested in home groups please contact the church office.



 Programme is subject to change.

Please contact the church office on 01934 521642 for further details.