Who we know ... Jesus lived some 2,000 years ago in Palestine. In the Bible we read and learn of his life - what he said, what he did, and how the people of that time responded and reacted to him. We read and learn of his execution (by crucifixion) and his resurrection to new life and his return to God his Father. One day, he will come again in power to finish what he started.

His life, death and resurrection have secured for us eternal life as we trust in him and receive him as Lord and King of our lives. Knowing Jesus at this personal level - as the loving Lord of our lives - is what makes a Christian a Christian. Knowing his love for us, growing in our love for him and for one another, and making his love known to the world around us, is what belonging to Church is all about.

Who we are ... We're a group of ordinary (and far from perfect) people who live in or around Worle. Some of us are young, some of us are old, some of us are in-between! In many ways we are quite different from each other, but what we have in common is what counts - a love for God (who first loved us) and a love for one another.

And so we have committed ourselves to each other in order to discover and explore what it means in everyday life to be true followers of Jesus. And we would like as many as possible to discover and experience the wonder of God's love with us. Our vision is therefore to be 'a Christian community, in the community, for the community'. 

When we're together ... We have discovered that God is great and is worthy of our adoration and praise. We therefore meet on Sunday mornings at 10:30 for a service of worship.  We have discovered that the Bible is surprisingly relevant to our lives today and so we also meet in smaller groups during the week to discuss together what it says and what it means for us. 

Our facilities ... Worle Baptist Church works with children, families, young people and older people. Our church centre is a resource for the community and is busy with people and activities throughhout the week. 

Further afield ... Outside of North Worle we are playing our part in seeing new churches working in the new communities around Weston-super-Mare and in creating partnerships overseas.

Why not check us out ... ? This is a good time to get involved in a local church that has a vision for serving others. We hope that this website gives you a taste of what we are about and we would be really pleased if you would like to get in touch.



Worle Baptist Church began in the 1980’s as a response to the growth of new housing areas on the edge of Weston super Mare. Christians with a vision for the new community were sent out from Milton Baptist Church to begin the new work. Initially the church met in local schools until in the mid-1990’s, it purchased a plot of land in North Worle where a temporary building was erected. The site was located right in the heart of the community, between Castle Batch Primary School, the local shops and the Observatory Pub.
During these early years the commitment to serve and reach the community of North Worle continued and work with families, children and older people all began to develop. Then in 2002 the church grew to the point where it was in the position that it could build its own premises. These were opened in 2003.
Today the church and community fill this building with worship and activities that seek to make the good news of the Christian message known in the area. Work with young people, children, toddlers and families and older people are all flourishing. The local pre-school rents part of the premises. Worship opportunities happen through the week and on Sundays and Worle Baptist Church has become a significant part of life in Worle.

The Worle Baptist Church Leadership Team

Kath Needham (Secretary)

Carol Green

Chris Hammond

Sue Bucknole

Sarah Vowles

Frank Heggs


At WBC we believe in a shared and servant leadership. The leadership team are responsible for the smooth running of the church. The leadership team are called to fulfil this role for a 3 year period by the congregation at the church's Annual General Meeting.


The church takes seriously its responsibility to protect and safeguard the welfare of children, young people and adults at risk. We have a Safeguarding Policy that is available on request. The policy commits us to the protection of children, young people and adults at risk and to take due care in the appointment, training and supervision of all workers. All volunteers who work with children and young people and adults at risk have been through appropriate Safer Recruitment and appointed as suitable to work with children and young people and / or adults at risk.



Worle Baptist Church is a Registered Charity (CIO).    Reg Charity Number: 1198158