Mary and Joseph in Worle!! Advent 2022

The Journey

Joseph, Mary and all their travelling companions to rest as they make their way to Bethlehem for Christmas.

We hope you will have fun finding them somewhere to stay in your home and reading the story together.

December 1st - with Michelle's Superstars

Michelle's superstars were superstars ... 7 children enjoyed time with Mary and Joseph and made them very welcome!

December 2nd

A warm welcome and a smile!! Thank you to our second host ... it was a cold night. Mary and Joseph were pleased to be snug and warm! 

December 3rd

I'm not sure that we will have a younger host than this one!!! Little baby looks mesmerised with the nativity scene. Thank you for hosting, it was really cold outside last night. 

December 4th

A very welcoming warm fire for Mary, Joseph and their friends tonight .. huge thanks .. it was cold outside!

December 5th

Such kindness from this family taking Mary and Joseph into their home out of the cold and rain. The four legged friends enjoyed this play time!

December 6th - it's cold outside!

Such kindness from our host who really enjoyed looking after Mary and Joseph and the animals and their friends! Thank you so much, it was very cold outside last night, I don't think they would have liked it! The Christmas Tree looks lovely too!!

December 7th

I am so pleased to find another host for Mary & Joseph tonight as it is very cold outside! Wonderful to see the host enjoying spending time with the visitors .. thank you so very much .. sleep well everyone!! 

December 8th

So cold outside but warm inside with this lovely host! Thank you so much for looking after Mary and Joseph and all their friends so nicely. The animals look like they are very happy!

December 9th

Mary and Joseph have not been left out in the cold ... a warm radiator and hosts with fabulous pyjamas! Thank you for looking after them all and keeping them warm. 

Day 10

Fabulous play time for our travellers before joining us at Messy Church. We  were pleased to learn how much baby Jesus enjoyed playing hide and seek! Thank you hosts!

Day 11

Our angel is feeling a bit weary with all the moving around so she rested her wings and had a ride on a camel last evening!! The camel and the angel were pleased ot be warm and well looked after ... thank you hosts!!! 

December 12

What a wonderful place to shelter for the night, snug and warm under this beautiful tree with this wonderful family ... thank you so very much hosts!

We are pleased the angel is back to flying again too!

December 13 & 14

When Mary met Mary and Joseph met Joseph!! This is what happened! 

All the visitors were well lookied after. Some of the crowd were welcomed into the doll's house for the night .. wise decision to leave the smelly animals outside!

Thank you for hosting for 2 nights ... sadly another host family were a little poorly and we were concerned that Mary & Joseph had not had their vaccinations!

15 December

A few unusual additions to the nativity scene last night but they all seemed to get along just fine! So pleased that baby Jesus didn't have to sleep outside in the cold .. it is far to cold for a little baby! Thank you hosts!

December 16 & 17

Another cold night but our weary travellers  have been well looked after. Thank you for taking such good care of them and keeping them safe and warm. 

December 18th

Mary and Joseph and their friends have continued their travels around Worle - it looks like they found a whole village to stay in last evening with a church! Thank you so much ot the hosts!

December 19th

Mary and Joseph enjoyed a trip around Weston delivering cards and then setted in with their hosts for the night! The sheep and the camel were a little nervous about the animal that joined them!

December 20th

Mary is getting very tired. Joseph is getting tired. An early night is needed for everyone! Snug and warm under the Christmas tree this evening!

December 21

Bit of a party going on in the stable tonight! The angels seem to have much to natter about and the cows just didn't want to be left out! Thank you hosts!

December 22 part 1

The journey continues, Mary and Joseph are welcomed by Christmas Evie!


Joy to the Worle, the Lord is come,

Let Earth receive her king. 

December 22nd part 2!


Mary and Joseph are having a nice cup of tea ( and hula hoops) with Evie's friends Jessie and Bo.

"Delicious," says Mary, "you can't get a decent cup of tea in Bethlehem!"